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Make life easier for your target audience! Thanks to the Soft Login service, all users logged in to DocCheck are also automatically logged in to your webpage. This way, nobody will turn their back on you anymore: they will still be able to access your page, even if they can't remember their login data to it!

Make the contact and ordering process as easy as possible for your target audience with the DocCheck Feedback Box. This is a contact form in which the user data is already prefilled. You define the required information; users only have to select the unit of information they want to order, whether they want to be contacted by you or which of your offers they want to accept. One click is enough and their complete data is sent. We collect the data and set it out for you on an agreed date as a table in an Excel list.

You have your own users database and want to reach exclusively those users via our mailshot – or conversely, these are the ones you want to exclude from the mailshot? With the Database synchronisation service, we compare your data (in an Excel table) with our database and can thus select your target group even more precisely.

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