You want to direct readers quickly to your own website? Then book a teaser on the overview page of DocCheck News. With the teaser you will be on one of the articles shown in our editorial newsletter.

In your advertisement you may include a heading with the teaser as well as an image. You will of course receive a report regarding the visits and clicks on the link placed in the article preview.





The advertorial consists of a teaser and an inner page article for the detailed advertising of your message. The inner page article, landing on DocCheck, offers space for a longer text (appr. 600 words), more pictures and external links. The price includes the web-compatible image processing for up to 3 images. Of course, you will receive a detailed report of the access traffic.





DocCheck ShortCuts is a service that distributes your press release quickly and effectively. With our mailing list your press release will not only be read by medical journalists, but also by end customers. You can select the day on which the press release is published in the news. After the sendout, you will receive an analysis of the number of clicks on the booked press release.



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